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Cerebral Warriors and Metalheads

On the decline of the public intellectual and the rise of something else.
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Humanism from the Right

Political instincts at the crisis moment of reterritorialization.
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Because I Said So

The story of London's Isle of Dogs points to a disappearance of both authority and obedience in the West.
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Unsatisfied with the inefficacy of reality’s justice, I took to creating ugly little men so that I might torture them.
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Bring Out the Bodies

The Coronavirus dwells in the interstices, and comes forth by highlighting the junctures fracturing civilization’s tectonic plates.
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States aren't becoming less overbearing. They're just become more comfortable with disorder.
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Antisocial Behavior

The incentives of viral media dictate performing increasingly extreme acts on-screen
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Rave Revisionism

The event horizon of the West is the reaching of Peak Boomer.
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The Above-Ground Pool Voter

In-ground decadence pervades our political landscape. But that can change.
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The Geopolitics of Liberalism

Liberal ideology won't go away anytime soon, because it is functional to the current political organization of world space.